Sunday, 2 November 2014

Favorite new nail polish

Yesterday evening I got an idea to do UV gel nails. I have done them about 3 times before but
they have always started to lift up or they haven't been smooth. This time I think I got it right
(at least they feel better than before). I used white UV gel and the color isn't completely even on
all of my nails: doesn't matter, I use nail polish on it anyway!

When my UV gel nails were done, I wanted to try my new nail polish of Mavala, which is called
62 Milano. I've been searching for this kind of shade this fall and now I finally have it! This polish
and dark red polish are my favorites this fall :)

I don't know how to describe this color.. maybe burgundy? 

I was more than happy to be able to use my golden stamping polish. I would want a golden stamping
polish which isn't this subtle and and glittery: that's why I haven't used this one. I thought that it
looks good with this color, though =3

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