Friday, 21 November 2014

OPI Sheer tints - pt. 2

Good Friday evening! I have "enjoyed" this day home, writing an essay and studying psychology.
I have my new phone in use now so I've also been playing around with it a lot :) The photos on this
post are actually taken on my new phone and I think I will use it a lot for my blog since I hate to carry
my camera around. I couldn't really take pictures with my old phone for some months because 
it wasn't working properly :< But here I am with a new phone!

Anyways, let's continue to the real topic of the post: nails, yaaay! I wrote OPI Sheer tints part 1
a month ago or so and thought that it could be a good time to give you another example of these polishes.

I wanted something wintery since it is snowing outside and here is what I came up to!

So, I still have UV gel on my nails (and I have finally become better at making them!) and
I added OPI Top coat on it to protect it. After that I added one coat of OPI Alpine Snow.

I used two shades of OPI Sheer tints: blue and purple.
I must say that this isn't my most successful gradient ever and that's also why I have some
criticism for these polishes.

First of all, I don't know if it is about the size of these bottles (don't know why it would be), or if
I am just bad or if these polishes just are like that, but I don't think they spread out even. I think you
can also see it on my nails. The nail polish becomes quite thick when you have dipped your brush
there a few times. It might be the texture of this polish.

This is where I started creating the gradient. I added purple 2/3 of my nail and it didn't look good

I still added it to 1/3 of my nail and I was hoping that I can somehow fix this mess xD they don't
look good at all here! I got an idea, though. I added one more blue layer on my whole nail to even
it out and I think it did wonders!

See? Not as bad anymore. I had hope that my diamond top coat will make it all good..

And it did! I think that the gradient looks quite good there: never forget the top coat! As I mentioned,
I wanted wintery nails and I thought this was perfect for it since I didn't want to do anything
complicated. This polish is a diamond top coat of Lumene and its shade is 45 Diamond in the snow

So, in the end everything turned out well and I don't think I will get bored of these before next weekend!
(I have stopped ripping off my nail polish after I added UV gel and I have worn the same nail
polish for one week now, maybe 3-4 times. I am quite proud of myself! :D)

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