Thursday, 13 November 2014

Nails: Black with silver

Sorry for my little break again (and for another nail post if you are bored of them). I have been
totally into gaming the past week thanks to Ted and I have pretty much just gone to school, studied
and played video games, hehe. Yesterday I went shopping, though, and tomorrow I will make a post 
of the things I got :)

I am also the happiest girl at the moment because I got flight tickets to the Netherlands! I am leaving
on 18th of December, so exactly in 5 weeks! I am so excited about going there and I will stay at
Ted's place till January 5th. I've been planning everything already... 
I am also getting a new phone but more about it then when I actually have it.. we haven't even
ordered it yet because they are out of stock everywhere!

Aaaanyway, a couple of pics of my nails. The black parts are mat and shiny but I am not sure
if you can really see it on the pictures. I actually got bored of these nails yesterday and I added
some golden lines under the silver.. I have decided to keep my nail polish on for one week from now on
because else I just rip it off and get annoyed :P

And sorry for pre-cleanup pics!

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