Sunday, 23 November 2014

Makeup of the day 23/11

Good morning! Some makeup pictures again after a long time! 
I haven't been wearing makeup for three days (that is long for me, at least) and I was so excited to
do my makeup this morning :D 

Here are the products used:

(If you want to know some product specially, just ask!)

I decided to go with a subtle purple eye makeup with brown and nude lips. It looks quite natural
but the purple adds something to the look!

Today I am gonna study again and go to the mall later with my parents.. I don't think I will get
anything but a hair dye if I find a nice one. My hair is still a bit yellow but I don't know which
color I should get.. I don't want platinum blond but a bit of a beige shade. I am afraid that my hair
will turn even more yellow with beige.. hmm, hard choices :D

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