Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Easy camouflage nails

I am gonna show you my latest nails with camouflage print. It was really easy to do these and all 
you need in addition to nail polishes is a dotting tool (or toothpick!)

I found this camera mode on my phone so that I can take square pictures.. I don't know if I had it on
my old phone but I got all excited by it, haha. It seems so handy for nail pics!

Okay, let's start! I used OPI Top Coat on my UV gel and also as a top coat at the end.

Two layers of OPI Samoan Sand

Now going on to the print and the dotting tool part!
The shape and position of the camouflage print doesn't really matter.. I just painted some random
shapes after the first nail. I was looking at a picture as a guide first.

So, just start to layer up the colors!

OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window

Yves Saint Laurent, 31 khaki arty

Okay, my mom said this color would be dark green. True, under a certain light. Here it looks more
blue. It still looks quite nice, though!

Yves Rocher, 61 Vert Canard

The nail polish on my index finger got a bit smudged, I was in a hurry and I guess I pressed
the brush down too much, haha. It isn't as striking if you don't look at it closely ;>

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