Monday, 18 May 2015

Back to Basics

When spring and summer arrive people usually buy colorful clothes. I often buy colorful clothes
but I just recently realised that I have no basic clothes and that's why I bought a lot of basic black
clothes today (+ white and grey) when I went shopping with my friend Anna.

Before showing you my new clothes I want to show you this adorable cup I bought from Tiger.
I think the size, text and simplicity  make it so cute! Perfect for my daily cup(s) of tea :)

Wohoo basic t-shirts! All the clothes in this post are from H&M btw!
The black and white t-shirt came together and they are organic cotton. 

Bike pants to wear under skirts and dresses. I love skirts and dresses but I am always afraid of wind
blowing it up so this is ideal! I also got basic black shorts. I was actually supposed to buy silk-looking
shorts to sleep with but they didn't have my size anymore so I got these to wear at day or night :)

Black basic shorts but faux leather! I wanted faux leather shorts already last summer but I couldn't
find a good one but now I got this! It was 50% on sale and last pair ♥ They are quite high and
I don't thing high waisted pants look good on me so I will probably wear a shirt on it :) I might
try it with my crop top though... ;)

I ordered some cheap necklaces from eBay a couple of weeks ago and got the first one today!
I wanted basic and simple necklaces (I don't know why I want everything basic atm) and I like
this a lot!

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