Saturday, 25 October 2014

Favorite makeup products

On this post I am gonna show you my favorite makeup products recently. When I dyed my hair
blonde I also wanted to try other products than before and see how it looks like. I don't really
have "every day makeup": I just wear what I feel like in the morning. These products on this post
have been my top things for a while now and most of them are basic things which I use every day.

Essence into the wild bronzing powder
01 Tribe called wild

This bronzing palette contains a pinkish highlighter and a light- and dark brown powder. I am mostly
using the darkest shade of this palette. These colors do have shimmer but I am still using the dark bronzing
powder under my cheekbones. The shimmer isn't really visible so I don't really care (of course
it would be nice to have a mat one). I have also used the dark shade on my crease. It is good for
a everyday look and you can use the same product for eyes and face :)

IsaDora Eye Focus
33 Champagne

This eye shadow has become a part of my everyday look (if you can say so since I change my look
a bit depending on the day). I read online that champagne eye shadow looks good with blonde hair and
I asked my mom if she has an eye shadow in champagne: of course she did, so now this baby is mine <3

This champagne shade is mostly glitter and it is silver-ish. 

Gosh intense eye liner pen, 01 Black
Lumene Eyebrow Pencil, 2 Grey Brown

This Gosh eye liner pen is quite new but I forgot to show it in my last post. I like that it is so
soft, thin and flexible: really easy to work with. I used a gel eyeliner before but it always smudged
on my crease (probably because I have heavy eyelids).

Before this eyebrow pencil I used a eyebrow powder kit. I could still use it: the result of it is softer
but I think using a pen is a bit faster and I like that! I also thought that this pen could make my eyebrows
seem lighter but it doesn't.. I guess I can't have lighter eyebrows except if I bleach them.

Maybelline Baby Lips, Pink punch
Rimmel Vinyl Max lip gloss,701 Outrageous

Just like many others, I am obsessed by Baby lips! It gives your lips color and at the same time
makes them really soft. I love pink lips so of course I picked a pink shade :)

Rimmel lip gloss isn't anything super amazing if you look at how long it stays on your lips:
at least for me it doesn't stay for that long but for that matter, I have never had a lip gloss which
wouldn't fade fast. I still love the color of this one!

Volume million lashes mascara

I don't really know what to say about this mascara: I just like it! It makes my lashes long and
stays on the whole day.

So, these things have been my favorite products for some time, some for longer and some
shorter. When I am changing my products at some point, I can make a new favorites -post.

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