Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Outfit 22/10

So, I decided to go outside to the cold just to take some outfit pictures (and hair, hihi)
and I couldn't get that many pics before I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. I did get some
 pictures fortunately so that means I didn't go there for nothing!

I promised to show some pictures of this shirt already a month ago when I got it but I haven't
really been into posting things once again. 

The wind was awful at times, so my shirt just didn't stay still :<

Shirt, Cubus / Jeans, Zara / Shoes, DinSko

I love the color of this blouse.. It is just perfect for autumn!

I used toner on my hair yesterday and it did wonders! My hair is more golden than yellow now
and the color is more even, so happy! :)

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