Friday, 24 October 2014

New purchases

I've bought some new stuff while I was having a break. Some of these things are purchased
a month ago or so and some this week!

Lumene matifying and retexturizing  primer - I had a primer of L'oréal before this one (I actually
still have a tiny bit of it left) and it was my first primer. I wanted to try something a bit cheaper
and this one has turned out to be good for me who has a combination skin.

Gosh BB Skin perfecting kit - I wanted a concealer so I bought this one
but a couple of days later I realized that I have one similiar already.. oh well. I am still using it

Volume million lashes, extra-black - I bought this on sale, I think it is quite expensive normally
(about 20€). I am using the same one at the moment but normal (not extra-black) and I am so
happy with it I want to continue with the same mascara!

So, that are my new makeup products! Next: hair
This week Sokos had all kind of hair salon products in their store and I found 2 things.

KC Professional - color mask in Vanilla - "color refreshing and reconstructing treatment for
light hair". This is the mask I used and it did amazing! It made my new light hair a lot more even
(before the mask it was almost white on top and yellow for the rest). This mask made my hair also
super soft! It neutralizes yellow tones and should give a cool beige tone for your hair.  I can't
describe how happy I am with this! You are supposed to leave it on your hair for 5-10 minutes
but I had it for 15 minutes. Next time I am gonna keep it for 20 minutes probably :)

System professional repair shampoo - We had a hair mask for this already so I wanted to complete
it with a shampoo. My mom says these are really good products! I am gonna test tomorrow.

CocoVi cold pressed coconut oil - I've watched so many youtube videos about coconut oil
and heard how awesome it is. I checked last week if they have it in Turku but they were out of
stock. I checked again this week and they have got more of it! I went to get this yesterday and
it was the last one: lucky me :) I am gonna apply this on my hair tomorrow probably for the
whole day since I am staying home and washing it off in the evening.

OPI mini sheer tints - These little babies I ordered from eBay. They are small but I think normal
OPI polishes are unnecessarily big anyway. I am gonna make some posts about these soon.

Last: new jeans (actually jeggings, but I like to call them jeans because the look like them, haha)
These white jeggings are of Dr. Denim which I loovee! I have never had such comfortable
and good-looking "jeans". They are Kissy jeggings which are low waist and second skin. My dark
blue jeggings are also Kissy and they are so awesome <3 The only bad thing is that they aren't
as durable as normal jeans and you shouldn't wash them that often. Well, that doesn't really
matter if I can keep white clean!

Oh yeah, this was also my OOTD:
Jeggings, Dr. Denim / Denim shirt, H&M

Really  simple but I like it!

So, those are my new purchases lately! I am planning on making a little post of my favorite
products at the moment and also some posts about OPI sheer tints. If you have any post ideas,
feel free to tell!

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