Sunday, 26 October 2014

OPI Sheer tints - pt. 1

OPI Sheer tints -collection contains 4 transparent tints: yellow, pink, purple and blue.
Usually I don't get excited about transparent nail polishes but these ones catched my eye. They are
super easy to build on and they also dry fast. I have seen so many tutorials with these polishes
that I am also gonna share some with you!

Basically with this watercolor look you just apply different tints on your nail: easy! The order
doesn't matter, nor does if you mix the colors. I really like it that yellow on blue transfers the color
into green. The yellow tint doesn't have as much of an effect on other tints.

 I painted all my nails differently and didn't even plan how I would do it. I think they look good when they
are different!

Don't apply too many layers though without letting the polish dry: it won't dry fast forever! Also,
I applied couple of layers on some tints but not blue. The blue tint is really dark compared to the
other tints in this set so you don't want it to become even more darker by applying another layer
of blue on it: yellow is good, though!

When you are happy with your nails, apply a layer of top coat to even it out and to make it seem smoother.

I added a yellow rhinestone on all of my nails, which is of course just extra for this look!
I find a base/top coat better than a nail glue when attaching rhinestones. I have no idea why but
they always seem to stay on longer like that (may also be that I've had bad glue)

Anyway, here is the result!

I looove this look <3 It looks so "cheerful" and cool!

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