Sunday, 8 June 2014

First week of June

Hello June xxxx

Finally June! This month will go at work, with friends, on my laptop (as always :D) and in the end
of the month it is time to go to Spain! 18 days to go.

I have some pics that I've taken throughout the week. I have some pics from my work,
of Vilma and Friday, when I was with Emilia! (and other random stuff)

This is actually taken last Sunday when I was exercising.. Vilma just needed my attention and
went sitting in the middle of the room :) 

Cleaning the beaches.. one week behind!

I went to hang out with Emilia on Wednesday after work

It had just been raining and when I was in the half way, on my way to Emilia, it started raining again.
Annoying weather!

At work once again!

Salad which I made for work, yummy :3

On Friday I went to Turku with Emilia. She had two free tickets to the movies and we went to see
Godzilla. It was sooo good, haha. The trailer looked good already but the movie was even better.
Before the movie we went shopping a bit and we bought smoothies :) So good!


After the movie. I love summer because it is still so bright at 10 pm and also warm.
We decided to go to Hesburger to eat something before heading back to Naantali.

Fries and mayonnaise <3 nomnom.

Some drinks, didn't drink everything though, of course.
We were just talking, watching videos and drinking. Such a nice night!

Vilma enjoying the weather :) she has been outside the whole day today! Usually she just sleeps
indoors but now she does it outdoors :D

I was sunbathing and reading some magazines I still haven't.

 Relaxing weekend behind and tomorrow it is time to wake up at 6 am again.. I have slept enough
just once this week, which was last night. I need more sleep.

Hope you had  nice weekend (:

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