Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Getting Ready

Good evening! Today was the last day at my job and now I can finally start sleeping a bit later than
6am! :D I am gonna leave for Spain tomorrow noon and we are going to arrive to Spain on Sunday
evening.. no posts for a bit then. I will have internet till Friday evening but it is probably shit on the ship..
at least last time it was!

Here are some pics:

Midsummer! I had a sleepover with Emilia and she did my eye makeup and put false eyelashes on me :3
I like them but I am not able to apply them on my own, hehe.

I did Emilia's nails: gradient and dreamcatcher!

On Sunday I was again with Emilia and she has been making shorts for me :3 we got them done after a few
hours (had to make a lot of adjustments). I will probably get some outfit picture in Spain where I am 
wearing them!

On Monday I had a relaxing foot bath. I am still supposed to do my toe nails.. was too lazy before :3

Packing, packing..

I have been lazy with exercising recently. The weather has been so bad that I had no motivation to go
out running. Well, on Monday I decided that I really have to do something so I did some muscle exercises
at home and I also did some yesterday.. my sides hurt so much!

Last but not least: my nails for travelling! Not related to travelling but I try to have these on for
some time now. Maybe I am going to take it off at some point in Spain and apply just one color.

I still need to pack a bit tonight and tomorrow. I really don't feel like I am leaving already tomorrow.
We'll see next week if not before!

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