Saturday, 14 June 2014

My week

Good evening! I haven't been posting anything the entire week again so I'm just going to put
all the pictures on this post again. Tomorrow I will probably make a post because I am gonna go
riding around with Petra.. for the first time. I hope she won't crash into another car and get me killed :)


I was working (like every business day) and after work I went shopping with my parents.
I tried on a bit darker eye makeup than I usually do and also braided a "hair band" :)


So, I got these awesome and cute running shoes on sale! They are Nike Free 5.0+ and they
feel so soft :3 the sizes are small, though! Normally I wear either size 36 or 37 but I had to get these in 38.


I did nothing else on these days except worked and was on my laptop.. Well, on Thursday I was
hanging out with Anna, Joanna and her bf but I don't have any pics of that. We were just hanging
around at my place and later went to a burger place for a bit.

Watermelon and coconut ice cream in.. coconut! :D

The 5th season of Pretty Little Liars started <3 I am sooo excited! The best series ever :3 Now I just
need to wait till Tuesday every week..

Random beach pic at work. We have so relaxing time there sometimes xD We just sit and
look around for a bit if we aren't in a hurry (which we never are ;))

Nails that I did on Thursday. I am going to make a little post of them soon (:


The last Friday when I had to work <3 I went to the store with my dad to get some candy
because they were on sale.. 1 kilo for me, please :3 haha.

I was quite tired yesterday so I just ate candy (and chips) on my bed and was on my laptop B) 
Such a cool and busy life that I have, haha.


Finally a well rested night behind (well, I told Ted to wake me up earlier but he didn't because he wanted
me to be well rested.. how cute is that :'3)
Me and my grandma went eating to Turku today and I had a reason to put on makeup again and
wear nice clothes, yaay!

Sorry about the bad phone quality :[

Shirt, H&M / Jeans, Dr Denim
I was also wearing black gold feather earrings but I put them on after taking the pics, haha.

We took the same dish as before and it just stays sooo yummy <3

My grandma told the waitress that the food was a bit cold and then she brought us dessert.. so sweet xD
My grandma felt bad about it, though, because she didn't mean to be mean, haha. 

I have no idea what this dessert is but it tasted amazing and creamy!

We went shopping for a bit and I bought a smoothie which contained strawberries, banana, passion
fruit, pineapple, apple juice etc. it tasted really good :)

I came home around 4 and drank some coffee. At 6 I went running because I felt like I had been
eating so much today and yesterday :D Now I am shower fresh, gonna eat some watermelon soon
and watch 'Brave' with my boyfriend soon :) Just 4 weeks and he is here, yaaay <3

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