Wednesday, 6 August 2014

3 weeks of July

Hello, long time no see! I left for Finland the 11th on July and I was so nervous of flying. Fortunately
one Norwegian girl was also alone at the airport and we were talking a bit and she helped me through
the security check and also helped to find my gate :) I thought I had lost my boarding pass since
I couldn't find it but I had dropped it in my backbag.. whew.

The flight was good despite my headache and nausea. I was mostly reading (which I have been doing
quite a lot this summer) during the flight.

The 12th of July Ted came here for 3 weeks and I was so happy <3

Reading, reading.. I have read Mocking Jay, The City of Bones, The Fault In Our Stars and at the
moment I am reading the books of Pretty Little Liars. I have them as eBooks on my tablet because
all of those books were borrowed already from the library. 
Ted was also reading and I bought him a book called Inferno. It sounds really interesting :3
(Oh yeah and I have also read 2 health education books.. yay)

He left on Sunday, so it has been 3 days. I am a bit sad still but I am excited about going to the Netherlands
during my Christmas vacation :) 

Since my amazing boyfriend left, I have hung out with Petra and Anna. I actually have some plans
for this fall already:

1. 18th birthday next month
2. After my birthday I am gonna go on a cruise with Petra
3. I am maybe gonna go to see Enrique Iglesias with Anna on December. I have been to his gig
once already but I just really like his songs :3

Oh yeah and I also need to read a lot for my matriculation exams this month and also next.

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