Saturday, 9 August 2014

New in

Good afternoon! I have bought some beauty stuff yesterday when I went to Turku with my mom
and later Petra also came there! I went to the movies with her to watch Lucy. I have been watching
quite a lot of movies recently :)

Mango body butter
Strawberry shower gel

Facial peel-off mask in the smell of cucumber

I also bought a couple clothing pieces but I will probably take outfit pics with Petra this evening
so you can see them on a different post :) I am gonna have a sleepover with Petra tonight so
I will try to take other pics too!

Face of the daaayy

Oh yeah, I also borrowed a couple new books from the library: City of ashes and Divergent!
I am reading Divergent at the moment but it is going veeery slowly. I have been reading so much
that I want to take it a bit slower so that I don't get bored of it + I also need to study!

Now I am off to studying a bit and we'll see later, ciao!

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