Tuesday, 12 August 2014

First day of school

Good evening, how do you like my new header? :) I was supposed to change it already a couple
of days ago but I somehow forgot.

Today was the first day of school (my last year, well, half a year!) and we just had a school
photoshoot and basic stuff for the beginning. Normal classes will start tomorrow and for me it
means at 1 pm <3 I can still sleep!

I love this bracelet: golden, diamonds, simple <3

The shirt and necklace which I wore to school today! I hope my picture came out good but that is
actually never the case :D

This is just the outfit I wore today after school and I really love these shorts, so cute and comfy!
Shirt, Gina Tricot / Shorts, Bershka / Bracelet, Bijou Brigitte

Shrimp soup for the evening, I haven't had this for a long time <3

As you can see, I have just taken some random pics today. I am kind of happy to be back at school
but that's simply because I can get my rhythm back: I don't sleep as late (which I like nowadays) and
I am gonna start exercising more regularly again! Oh yeah and also, I have a reason to wear
makeup :D (well, it is just nice in the beginning because after a while it gets annoying)

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