Monday, 7 July 2014

Pictures from Spain

I haven't posted for a bit again and I have some stuff to show you (shopping related, again) but
first I decided to give you some pics that I've taken here!

Trying out my new crop top, KIKO lipgloss and eye shadow.

We went to the center on.. Friday, I think? haha. My parents bought some mojitos and it
tasted quite nice :)

Can't get enough of palm trees and nice gradient sky :)

Some pics of Saturday when we went walking :

One of the rare times that I eat ice cream, yummy!


  1. Mikset syö jähmelööö?!? joka päivä joka hetki.. Parasta kesäherkkkkkkua <3

    1. Ei tee oikee mieli syödä makeet ku o lämmin :D

  2. Hei hyyppä hei ootpas ruskistunut kivasti :D