Thursday, 3 July 2014

Zenia Boulevard shopping center

Yesterday evening we went shopping to Zenia Boulevard shopping center. It is a new mall here in
Torrevieja and it has all my favorite shops, such as Blanco, Stradivarius, Bershka and Pull&Bear.
I also discovered a new shop that turned out great, Kiko, a shop full of cosmetics.
Here are things that I bought yesterday:

The first products that I'm gonna show you, are from Kiko!

So, I bought a lip marker and lip stick, which both cost just 6,90€. I have read some reviews of their
cosmetics and they seem pretty good. I tested some on my hand yesterday and they are still on it.

Smart eye pencil, shade 802 (dark brown)
Colour shock long lasting eyeshadow, shade 104 Snappy Brass

I kind of hate the heat here - all these kind of cosmetics in jar kind of melt.

This eye shadow is like sorbet and it is a nice glitter bronze. I added it on my hand in the morning
and tried to rub it off after a minute or so but it just stayed there. I also went swimming and it is still
mostly on my hand.

Nail File
3 in 1 Mat nail care (base and top coat)

I've been thinking about buying a matte polish for a long now. I don't want to buy all kind of shades
in mat that I have already as a normal polish, so I am happy that I found a mat base and top coat!

Crop top <3 It reaches on my navel and is a tiny bit longer on the back side. I fell in love with the
print on this shirt and I am happy that I didn't buy one-colored crop top earlier in Finland.
This shirt is from Inside!

Finally, a cute back bag <3 I was about to buy one with an anchor print but this is so much more timeless
and neat. This is actually from the new collection of fall/winter, haha. I found this from a shop that I had
never visited before, lft (lefties,). I just can't get enough of leather and gold together :) This bag also has
little pockets on the sides and also one inside of it.

A flower bracelet and necklace from Bijou Brigitte, one of the best jewelry shops that I know.
Simple, shiny and girly - just how I like it!

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