Wednesday, 2 July 2014

First two days

Hello! I've been waiting for about half an hour for these pictures to load, Internet is so slow here (as always)!
I have some pics of Monday and Tuesday. We have been swimming, we went to the center and we have
also walked a lot.

Churros <3 My mom managed to drop one on the ground :(

We were in the center on Monday evening, for about 3 hours. I saw so nice Essence and NYX cosmetics <3
I just don't know what to buy because I don't want to buy too much, as usually.

These pics are taken during our morning walk

Later that day (yesterday) we went to Moda City and El Corte Chino.. we bought a looot of nail
polishes.. oops!

8 new polishes in one day.. I don't want to know how many we have at the end.

I painted my nails with Yes Love nail polish. It has nice neon glitter!

Yesterday evening we were just sitting outside and talking!

Soon it is time for a morning walk again! Not sure about the rest of the day yet :)

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