Thursday, 6 August 2015

Gel nails

I haven't been doing nail art for months by now. I kind of lost interest when I was done with school and I just had to study home. However, my friend, Emilia, has just got tools for doing acrylic nails and my interest in nails came back all of a sudden. I asked her to do me gel nails with my tools at home since I have always failed and now I have gel nails again!

I asked her to do them so that I could see if my tools and gels aren't good or if I am just doing something wrong. Now we just wait and see :) 

Emilia used clear gel on my nails because I want to be able to do my nails on the gel and have natural looking nails if I remove my nail polish. The result is good and I hope these stay on for some weeks! (Emilia promised to do acrylics to me already, yay!)

I finished my nails with this reaaally girly manicure. I am not a fan of loose glitter but the result is better than what I expected. My next challenge is to not rip off my nail polish (and gel at the same time). 
The pink nail polish here is by OPI and it is called Pink-ing of you. 

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