Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Back Home

Hello! I have arrived home from the Netherlands two days ago. I had such a great time with my boyfriend! We had a relaxing vacation and we went to London. Now I still have 3 weeks of vacation 'til school starts. I don't have any plans for the rest of my vacation but hopefully it will be good!

Here are some pictures of my vacation!

 I am so into my organizer and making it look pretty! I bought a lot of stickers and post-it notes from HEMA in the Netherlands :) would you be interested in seeing my planner and how I make it look pretty?

Breakfast of €1,25 and so delicious! I miss it already.

Going from France to UK. My first fish&chips ever. I was feeling a bit nauseous so I could eat barely half of it, though. It was so delicious!

Oxford Street in the morning! We arrived before 8 already so it was quite calm still. In the afternoon it was just awful! You could barely walk.

My new jacket from Victoria's Secret <3 the store was sooo beautiful! And it felt so luxurous.

Back in the Netherlands :) the last week was full of HEMA breakfasts and buying organizer stuff.

Time to go home :( always so hard to say goodbye!

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