Sunday, 20 September 2015


Quotes And Thoughts.

So much has happened in the past month. I don't really have time for my blog anymore which is kind of sad. Before I didn't have anything to post but now I feel like I am just too busy.

I have started studying nursing at university of applied sciences and so far I enjoy it though I do lack
some motivation. I also want to share my personal life on my blog so I think I can tell you that one of the biggest changes in my life lately: I have a new boyfriend. That has changed my life rhythm completely. I am almost never home so I don't post anything! I could start doing it on my phone more (like I am doing at the moment).

I just wanted to tell you all how I'm doing! At the moment I feel like my life is amazing and I am so happy that I also still have quite a lot of views on my blog though I haven't been active!
For the end I have some pictures for you. I have been mostly hanging out with my boyfriend and partying.. we literally have student parties every Thursday! Next Thursday it is my birthday and I will have quite a busy week. I will try to get some homework done in the beginning of the week but after Tuesday I am all booked. On Wednesday my grandparents will come to have coffee, on Thursday I have party and on Friday I have my bday party. On Saturday I have housewarming of my bf's friend. Busy week I tell you!

Now I am off to bed, enjoy the pics! Btw, follow me on instagram @janinass_

Nurse overalls for which you get badges from student events and parties :)

I dyed my hair a bit lighter last week!

Student party last Thursday :) !


  1. Miten vanha poikaystäväs otti eron?

    1. Tietenki vähä raskaasti ensin mut se oli ihan yhteinen päätös.